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Retail7 is an in-store marketing agency, specialising in consumer electronics. We pride ourselves on having the best people and data insight in the business.
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new ways to shop for shoppers

new ways to shop for shoppers

You might think that retail marketing begins and ends in the store – but these days it extends both before and after that. And at hps Retail7, we’re all over it.

Today’s shopper journey can now typically involve over 14 different touchpoints, online and offline, covering multiple devices and channels.

Using the latest technology from Facebook and Google, we can help you target local consumers in exactly the right demographic with your products and services.

We can also use specific location targeting to your advantage. For example, we can target people within a pre-determined radius, catching them on-the-go and in a shopping environment to help drive them into the store. After all, having a product expert at the point of purchase is of no benefit unless customers are there to see and interact with them.

Even when the shopper reaches the store, the research continues. More than 90% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores, according to a survey from SessionM. 54% of consumers use their devices to compare prices, while 48% seek out product information and reviews.

Customers today have higher expectations and at hps Retail7 we recognise that. To that end, we have developed a new app that allows shoppers to book an appointment with an in-store demonstrator at a time that suits them. After all, convenience is the new premium.

To understand how we can help you take advantage of the new ‘always on’ shopper mentality, please contact us on 01628 450738 before your competitors do.

Want more retail-inspired content? Sign up to our Masterclass, using intelligence to win the retail war, September 14 at 9.30am.

We will be sharing some of the key findings of our latest research on considered purchases and getting under the skin of what really influences shopper behaviour, as well as exploring some of the latest trends showing examples of the changing role of the store and why it’s more important than ever in today’s shopper journey.

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Andy Boothroyd