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Retail7 is an in-store marketing agency, specialising in consumer electronics. We pride ourselves on having the best people and data insight in the business.
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It’s called the last seven metres. That space in the store between your products and the till – this is Retail7’s area of expertise. The latest data and insights, strong relationships that seamlessly connect brands with retailers and our rigorously-trained people combine to help us persuade your customers to make those final all-important steps.

our insight

We improve effectiveness by understanding which marketing activities are delivering the best ROI. Using a variety of data sources including store sales data, retailer store lists, TGI and demographic data, we can predict which retail centres are most likely to deliver the best sales performance for your product. This data-driven insight leads to evidence-based decision making.

our relationships

We focus on bridging the relationship between brands and retailers to provide a seamless experience for customers and ultimately to increase sales. Someone visiting John Lewis expects a different experience from someone going to Carphone Warehouse. That’s why our staff always know as much about the store in which they’re working as they do about the product that they’re selling.

our people

Ongoing training and development through our Be Brilliant programme ensures our people are perfectly aligned to the brands they represent and the stores in which they sell. Meanwhile, our sales experts provide a full programme of support for your retail partners and, unlike with other in-store marketing agencies, our territory managers are dedicated to your business, not a whole portfolio of clients.


Despite a fearless management style that has helped transform HPS from a small design agency to a thriving marketing group with over 200 staff, Mark is still terrified of gnomes.



Going from a humble printer salesman to a slightly less humble business owner, entrepreneurial Tony saw the potential in field marketing long before the term was even invented.



Fuelled by endless protein shakes and more dodgy supplements than you’d find in a Russian athlete’s bathroom cabinet, Simon is the agency’s token gym bunny.


General Manager

A gig-goer with diverse musical tastes, as well as a movie buff and a fully-qualified chef, Joff can best be described as Chuck Berry meets Halle Berry meets Mary Berry.


Senior Account Manager

With an open spreadsheet to monitor every aspect of his life, Don is a devil for details. He still has nightmares about the day he forgot to dot an ‘i’ in primary school.


Senior Account Manager

Meet Mike and be sure to ask him about his springer spaniels. Start talking about football though and the conversation is likely to dry up. (Aston Villa fan.)


Account Executive

Pauline loves meeting new people. Handy that, considering her role. She can also write her name with her left foot - now that’s what we call talent.


Operations Director

15 years in HR and the strangest moment was when a candidate looked up her three likes on the HPS website and brought in candyfloss for the interview.


HR Director

A big lover of rugby, leeks and sheep. If only Geraint could sing, he would be the ultimate Welsh cliché.


IT Development Manager

Talented, handsome, hard-working and brilliant at building strong and successful relationships with promoters, Raz loves selling everything - including himself.


National Field Manager

the right people for your brand

A company like Retail7 can only ever be as good as its people and we pride ourselves on having the best trained and best prepared in the business. Armed with knowledge and all the latest technical support, they become worthy representatives of your brand, not just individuals charged with selling your products.

the right people for each retailer

A customer visiting John Lewis expects a different experience from someone going to Carphone Warehouse. One of our key skills is developing strong relationships with each retailer – from head office to shop floor – so we can ensure our demonstrators are perfectly suited to the store, and the part of the country they’re working in.

We are proud to be an approved supplier to Dixons Carphone and John Lewis, where we conduct both formal and informal training sessions with store colleagues and partners, as well as thousands of in-store demonstration days each year.

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